Pohjois-Pohjanmaan työ- ja elinkeinotoimisto (TE-toimisto)

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Contact information

Adress: Uusikatu 52 (1. floor), 90100 Oulu

National customer phone service: 0295 020 713

North Ostrobothnia Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) is a Public Employment Service. We offer services to job seekers and employers. We provide services and information on employment opportunities in Finland and abroad, continuing education, assistance with professional development at https://tyomarkkinatori.fi/en .

Job opportunities in Finland also at:




Upcoming recruitment events:

Työntaitajiksi 31.1. https://www.businessoulu.com/fi/tapahtumat/tyontaitajiksi-2023.html (Webpage in finnish)

Finland Works: March 15, 2023
Recruitmentbroadcasts every week: https://te-live.fi/en

Services for new entrepreneurs:

Are you interested in enterprising or planning to start your own business? Make use of the information sources and services that are available. Read more: https://tyomarkkinatori.fi/en/personal-customers/self-employment

Field of operation

Public employment services

Offices in Finland

Oulu, Kuusamo, Pudasjärvi, Raahe, Ylivieska and Haapajärvi

Degree programme

  • All degrees
  • Year of study

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
    • n
    • Type of employment

      • Summer job
      • Temporary part-time
      • Temporary full-time
      • Permanent part-time
      • Permanent full-time