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We are visionaries. We are differentiators. We are TIers. As a global semiconductor company operating in 35 countries, Texas Instruments (TI) is first and foremost a reflection of its people. From the TIer who unveiled the first working integrated circuit in 1958 to the more than 30,000 TIers around the world today who design, manufacture and sell analog and embedded processing chips, we are problem solvers collaborating to change the world through technology. Here in Oulu TI develops wide range of power management solutions from high-current multi-phase DCDC converters to complex power management ICs for TI's automotive and embedded processor platforms targeting advanced automotive driver assistance systems, infotainment and safety solutions for the next generation of vehicles. We are at the forefront in creating solutions with our customer enabling future highly autonomous and intelligent vehicles, revolutionizing how we perceive and experience mobility and driving in 2020s. The TI Oulu team includes IC design and layout engineers, systems engineers, as well as systems, validation and applications engineers providing diverse and challenging opportunities for our employees in all phases of IC development from definition to releasing the completed part to high volume production in various TI manufacturing locations around the world. TI Oulu offers interesting and challenging opportunities for students and graduating students to work on real projects together with experienced R&D engineer teams located in Finland and worldwide. Participate in developing next generation automotive functional safety power solutions, supporting TI's customers and solving their problems. Learn how theory turns into practice and real products. Gain insights that enable you to direct and focus your studies better so that you are ready to take the next step on the road to becoming one of the foremost experts in this interesting, challenging and rapidly growing area of semiconductor industry.

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Semiconductor Industry

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Oulu, Helsinki



Open positions

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We are continuously hiring interns and new college graduates to several engineering roles:

Analog IC Design engineer
Design schematics of analog circuits in using various semiconductor technologies, simulate the design to ensure correctness and verify the layout implementation meets performance requirements. Collaborate with digital and layout design engineers for overall integrated circuit (IC) implementation.

Digital IC Design engineer
Design digital control and signal processing logic in a language such as Verilog, simulate the design to ensure correctness and create and verify the physical implementation to meet timing and power consumption goals. Collaborate with analog and layout design engineers for overall IC implementation.

IC Design Verification engineer
Create automated simulation test benches to verify analog or mixed-signal integrated circuit designs, write checkers in various languages such as SystemVerilog and Verilog-AMS and build a suite of tests to ensure proper functionality and performance of the device, focusing on how customers will use the product.

Applications engineer
Solve specific customer design challenges and provide technical solutions to customers using TI ICs that will ultimately go into various products like passengers cars, trucks, industrial automation and robotics and much more. You'll also design evaluation modules to showcase IC functionality and performance to customers and TI Designs which serve as an example and guideline for customers using either current TI products or new products in development.

Validation engineer
Develop the hardware, software and innovate test methods required to provide in depth bench characterization of integrated circuits in development, typically using LabView and TestStand tools. Focus on in-depth analysis of the IC, exploring the limits of the integrated circuit's capability and electrical performance.

Layout Design engineer
Work on layout design for mixed-signal integrated circuits. Perform top- and block-level IC layout design and verification. Collaborate with analog and digital design teams participating in layout design reviews. Engage with TI’s global layout design community and develop improved layout automation/verification flow.


TI's working language is English

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  • Electronics and Communications Engineering
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