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2022-01-20, 14:30 - 15:30

Meet our CEO Toni Piirainen
and Chief People Officer Lasse Määttä
-Get to know Codemate-

Meet our Developers

Road from a Student to a Developer
-Aleksi, Sr Software Engineer

How I landed a Developer job as an international student?
-Nursultan, Jr Software Developer

Window to the future: Being a Senior Developer at Codemate
-Steve, Sr Software Engineer

And general discussion throughout the meeting.
What would you like to know more about us?

Anna Tuomola
Talent Acquisition Manager

Codemate is a creative tech agency. We’re a group of colorful (gray is a color!) developers and designers who create unique digital solutions for our customers. Shortly: we're improving everyday life and businesses by writing tons of javascript and smashing expired spaghetti. Codemate was born in Northern Finland, today you can find our offices in Helsinki, Oulu, ...and Bangkok (because why not?).

But why choose Codemate, a small company nobody has never heard of?

1. We work with companies like Google and Netflix, have 100 employees and we’ve been in business for 15 years. Not so small after all?

2. Work is not everything. If you appreciate traveling, hobbies, family time, seeing friends, or cottage life, Codemate might be a better place for you than a cut-throat global consultancy. Have some energy left for your personal life and time for the people you love.

3. We have an office in Bangkok. Not because we have business there (we once had but it’s a long story). Now it’s just to offer a bit of a different lifestyle for our employees. If you’d like to work for a few months or more under the palm trees, with us it’s possible!

We are eager to hear from you and see if Codemate’s culture is a match for you as well!

Field of operation

Information technology; Software and Mobile

Offices in Finland

Oulu and Helsinki

Turnover of the company




Open positions

We're always interested in having a talk with skilled Developers and Designers. We have career opportunities for:

Web Front-end Dev
Full-stack Dev
Mobile / Flutter Dev
UX Designer
Software Architect


Technologies and skills we’re interested in:

Front end: React (JavaScript / TypeScript), Vue, Angular
Back end: NodeJS (JavaScript / TypeScript), RoR, Python, Java
Mobile: Flutter, React Native, Native iOS/Android
Cloud: AWS/Google Cloud/ Azure
PostgreSQL, CI/CD, Gitlab.
Rest, GraphQL
CMS/Ecom: WordPress, Headless
Good communication skills in English

Other relevant information

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Degree programme

  • All degrees
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Information Processing Science
  • Software, Systems and Services Development in Global Environment

Year of study

  • 5
  • n