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Blow your mind, not your head

Cloudamite is a trustworthy software consultancy. Our roster consists mainly of seasoned senior developers, who have strong experience from responsible roles e.g. in finance, healthtech, energy and embedded systems. Besides robust seniors, Cloudamite has capable specialists and promising juniors to make a winning team.

We believe that happy, motivated developers help our customers succeed best and that’s why we focus on career path planning and matching developers with suitable projects. We aim to be an honest, long time partner for our customers, always finding the best fit for the job.

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We have a office in Oulu, but remote work is ok - all Cloudamiteans don't live in Oulu.


30 and growing

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We're happy to recruit all kinds of professional developers - fullstack, embedded, backend, frontend, architects - your skills are the most important thing, we'll find the best project based on your skills and career path.


You can send us our application or questions via email

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