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Merus Power is a Finnish technology company enabling a sustainable and energy-efficient future for society. We are headquartered in the city of Nokia, Finland, where we design and manufacture innovative battery energy storage systems and various power quality solutions. Scalable and modular power electronics, intelligent software technologies and electrical engineering expertise are the base of our business.

Our cutting-edge technological solutions help our customers increase their productivity and production reliability while achieving significant energy and cost savings. With our help, compliance with demanding technical and usage regulations becomes possible. Since the beginning of our company, we have invested in product development, innovative domestic engineering work, and the best possible customer experience we can offer. Over the years we have worked with various customers in industry, utility, infrastructure, and renewable energy applications in 69 different countries. Our staff represents internationally valued expertise.

Our personnel represents internationally valued expertise. Currently, our Merus team has around 80 professionals and we are constantly looking for new competent and enthusiastic colleagues to ensure our company's further growth. Merus Power is full of interesting and challenging tasks for people just starting out or who have been in the game for longer. For example, we offer internships and summer jobs for students, thesis jobs for those finishing their studies, opportunities to develop for recent graduates, and more experience for the already experienced. Send us your application - let's talk!

Offices in Finland

Nokia, Helsinki


approx. 80

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