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Visidon Oy is an Oulu-based software company founded in 2006 that focuses on algorithms that enhance image and video quality. Our special expertise lies in low-power devices, such as mobile phones. Our algorithms produce high-quality results quickly, efficiently and with low power consumption. We provide our OEM customers with algorithms for example in noise reduction, super resolution, and face recognition.

Our technologies are based on either traditional image and video enhancement methods, AI-based models, or hybrid models of these. The method used is normally determined by the available platform and its computing power.

Our company's head office is in Oulu, close to the university. We employ about 40 top professionals in the field. Our organization is flat, and we strive to focus our energy on our product development and good customer relationship management. At the same time, we want to take care of the good atmosphere inside the company and here everyone can honestly be themselves. Things that are important to to us are for example photography, video games, sports in their various forms, good food and shared lunch moments.

We value each other's opinions and discuss problems related to our work openly, trying to solve them together. We encourage you to ask each other, as our team has a lot of expertise that can also be used by our future employees.

At Visidon, your tasks may consist of, for example, running AI models, C/C++ coding or developing algorithms. We don't assume that anyone is born an expert, but we give you time to learn and familiarize you with the secrets of our technologies. It is enough that you know the necessary in basic level in one of our technology fields and a lot of enthusiasm to learn new things.

Field of operation

Video- and image enhancement algorithms

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Open positions

AI trainee / thesis worker:
Realistic camera noise estimation and data generation for training CNN based video denoiser. Developing a tool set for generating noisy training data for YUV video denoiser without massive device-specific re-recording of the data set.

AI trainee / thesis worker:
Deep blind enhancement of real surveillance camera videos. Developing generic video quality enhancement tool, which can be utilized for learning the noise model on-the-fly .

AI trainee / thesis worker:
Hand-held high dynamic range imaging: dealing with complex motion and occlusions. Developing neural network-based multi-exposure HDR for still images.

Computer vision trainee / thesis worker
Light weight sub-pixel accuracy motion estimation and image alignment for smart phone photography.

Open application
Passionate about video processing or computer vision? Skills in programming? Send us application and we might have suitable work just for you!


image- and video enhancement technologies


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  • Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Medical Technology
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Physics
  • Mathematical Sciences
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