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TEK Oulun Aluetoimisto
Teknologiantie 1
90590 Oulu
Jukka Orava
Puh. 040 5070736

TEK is the largest organisation for academic engineers and architects in Finland, with a membership of 80,000.
We represent 70 percent of working graduate engineers. Members also include e.g. physicists, mathematicians, IT specialists and students. Joining TEK as a student is free of charge. You can use most of our services already as a student member. You can join TEK as a student if you are studying for your first university degree in technology, architecture or a similar field of science. You will find additional information about the members benefits:

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In Finland, membership of a trade union is a legal right and commonly accepted. Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK is one of the unions for highly educated professionals. TEK is a partner in the national collective bargaining process and plays an important role in negotiating the salaries and terms of employment of professionals.

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Nonprofit Organization Management

Offices in Finland

Helsinki, Espoo, Lappeenranta, Tampere, Turku and Oulu.

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