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Gällivare kommun
Tingshusgatan 8-10
98281 Gällivare
Email: post@gallivare.se

About Gällivare

Just north of the Arctic Circle is a place characterized by a strong community. We agree to cross borders - in villages, culture and language. The primal force welds us together and the natural resources contribute to international business and Sweden's success. And we build like never before. The Knowledge House was recently inaugurated, which has received international attention for its unique design. We have inaugurated an athletics arena and a state-of-the-art ice and event arena. Next, we are building one of Sweden's largest wooden houses, which will be filled with 23,000 square meters of culture and activity.

We are surrounded by the magnificent nature. The proximity to peace and the outdoors is part of our life here. In the world heritage Laponia there are four national parks, two nature reserves and nine Sami villages. On the calf mountain Dundret, Váhtjerduottar, is Dundret Lapland, which is one of Sweden's leading ski facilities, right next to the town. Dundret also has hiking trails, snowmobile trails, ski trails, ski slopes and wind protection and views towards Sarek and Kebnekaise.

Gällivare is for you who want to let nature set the pace and want to be fascinated by eight seasons and a natural and cultural landscape with traces of human activity several thousand years old. For those who like change, but also that things are in many ways the same as they have always been. It's for those who know that an arctic lifestyle rewards sparkling winter, crackling northern lights and summer nights that never end. Welcome, welcome, buorisboahtem, bures boahtin, tervetlutt, tervetuloa to Gällivare!

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