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2022-01-20, 10:00 - 15:00

- Klo 10–12 kaivossuunnittelutiimi: vanhempi kaivosinsinööri Janina Korkalainen

- Klo 10–12 ja 13–15 henkilöstöhallinto: henkilöstökehittämisen asiantuntija Pia Pitkänen

- Klo 11–14 tehdaspalvelutiimi: ICT- ja automaatiopäällikkö Jan Nakolinna

- Klo 12–13 ja 14–15 henkilöstöhallinto: työsuhdepäällikkö Jari Siirtola

- Klo 12–13 rikastamo: päämetallurgi Lauri Veki

- Klo 12–14 kaivososasto: kaivosgeologi Markus Sirviö

- Klo 13–14 kaivososasto: resurssigeologi Johanna Oiva

- Klo 14–15 rikastamo: mekaanisen kunnossapidon päällikkö Kimmo Haatainen

Agnico Eagle Finland Oy
Kittilän kaivos / Kittilä mine
Pokantie 541, FI-99250 Kiistala
Tel. +358 16 338 0700

Do you want to show your skills and learn lots of new things in a unique work environment at Europe's largest gold mine or in our regional exploration team? For the summer 2022, we offer diverse summer jobs and internships to students of different fields. We will assist you in finding accommodation and you can utilize our excellent employee benefits. And in Levi, you can enjoy a variety of activities during the summer!

Agnico Eagle Finland is a subsidiary of a Canadian gold producer Agnico Eagle Mines Limited. It operates the Kittilä mine and conducts active mineral exploration in Finland and other Nordic countries.

The heart of our operations is the Kittilä mine, the largest gold mine in Europe. We have nearly 500 employees of our own and the same number of contractor employees. While the current life of mine extends until 2034, through our active exploration program we continue to explore our deposit and surrounding areas in the region. The shaft that is being constructed at the mine will support the expansion of our production and enables exploration of the deep areas of the deposit in the future.

All our activities are driven by our values, which are trust, respect, family, equality and responsibility. They lay the foundation for responsible operations, the core of which is created by a safe and healthy workplace, environmental protection and respect for employees and the surrounding communities.

Join our talented team whose members will always support and help you succeed in your summer job!

Field of operation

Mining industry

Offices in Finland

Kittilä Mine, Kittilä, Lapland

Turnover of the company

326.5 million euro in 2020



Open positions

We recruit about 70 summer workers and interns for the summer 2022.


Apply by February 20, 2022 on

Degree programme

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing
  • Geosciences
  • Process Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Information Processing Science
  • Economics
  • Mineral Resources and Sustainable Mining
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Wireless Communication Engineering
  • Software, Systems and Services Development in Global Environment
  • Other: Communications, Management, HR Management

Year of study

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5