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Liana Technologies, founded in 2005, is Finland's largest software company producing marketing and communication cloud services. Our head office is located in Oulu, and we have offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, Paris, Munich, Dubai and Hong Kong. In Finland, we were previously known as Koodiviidakko, in 2019 we switched to using the Liana Technologies name we use internationally also in Finland.

Liana’s marketing technology stack is used by more than 3,500 customers worldwide including companies such as Hertz, Toyota, Ikea and Starbucks. Our mission is to provide all our customers with the best possible solutions for their digital marketing needs.

Our ambition is to grow to be the biggest marketing technology provider in the Nordics.

We are part of Ilkka, which is a group recognized in the Helsinki stock market. Ilkka employs about 500 employees and its revenue in the year 2022 was 57.8 M€ The Ilkka brand gathers all the subsidiaries and the whole marketing, information and technology offering under one umbrella.

At Ilkka, we work straightforwardly for good results. We bring measured insights and clear solutions to the complicated world of marketing and technology.

We are our customers’ partner from day-to-day work to detailed marketing strategies. We are here for the public, we stand by our friends' side. We fill the desire for knowledge and feed success. We create meaning, inspire interaction, and offer perspective. We believe in the power of information and message.

When the vision is clear and all the necessary parts are in place, profit is inevitable.

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