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Tämä yritys tarjoaa työmahdollisuuksia myös englanniksi

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Dream Broker is a Finnish and European online video software company. We help our customers revolutionise their communication and learning with online video.

Good Finnish language skills are required for the tasks at the Oulu office, but it is also possible to work in Helsinki without Finnish language skills. See the open positions on our website

Our first product is our cloud-based software, Dream Broker Studio, which enables every employee to easily create, edit and share online videos. We also provide our expertise to help our customers succeed using online video.

Our second product is Dream Broker #One, which combines all communication means and channels seamlessly into one software.
Organise all video and audio meetings, phone calls, instant messages and all your needed documents with file sharing in a smart and cyber secure way.
The first all-in-one communication and leadership software from Europe.

Offices in Finland

Helsinki, Oulu, Jyväskylä



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Degree programme

  • All degrees
  • Economics
  • Business Economics (University of Applied Sciences)
  • Year of study

    • 5
    • n
    • Type of employment

      • Permanent full-time
      • Way of working

        • On site work