Biila Solutions

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Contact information

Miika Sikala, Research Director
+358 45 624 0118

Aapeli Kallunki, CEO
+358 40 4147 403

Biila is a fast-growing technology company specialising in vehicle logistics. The company has revolutionised the auto transportation industry in Finland by offering car deliveries through a platform, called Biila Go, and is currently expanding abroad.

Biila Go is used by hundreds of car dealerships, service shops and rental companies to request car relocations anywhere in Finland or Sweden. The relocations are carried out by a fleet of thousands of drivers all around the countries, who use the platform to find gigs whenever they feel like earning money, want to get from A to B, or just enjoy driving.

Moving hundreds of cars every day creates a massive logistical problem: How to find a driver for each gig in time? How to combine multiple gigs so that they minimise the need for waiting and moving around? These problems, and many more, are solved in our research team, which you could be part of!

Field of operation

Software Company

Offices in Finland

Oulu, Vantaa, Tampere



Open positions

We are looking for full-time engineers and scientists to join our research and development unit in Oulu, that focuses on improving Biila Go using optimisation, machine learning, and AI in general.


Degree programme

  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Information Processing Science
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Year of study

    • 5
    • n
    • Type of employment

      • Permanent full-time
      • Way of working

        • On site work
        • Hybrid model