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Heidi Mankinen


Alif Semiconductor™ is revolutionizing the way developers create secure connected AI-enabled embedded solutions

Alif Semiconductor was founded in 2019 with the vision to address the rapidly growing market need for broad, scalable, and connected AI-enabled embedded computing solutions that are genuinely power efficient. This need led to Alif Semiconductor’s creation of a new class of embedded controllers, or fusion processors, that enable seamless integration of technology for everyday life by unlocking innovative low-power techniques, unparalleled functional integration, accelerated AI and ML edge processing, high security, ubiquitous wireless connectivity, and operating system diversity

Alif's scalable platform family is built on the latest generation embedded processing technology that scales from single Arm® Cortex®-M55 microcontrollers (MCUs) to a new class of multi-core devices, fusion processors, that blend up to two Cortex-M55 MCU cores, up to two Cortex-A32 microprocessors (MPU) cores capable of running high-level operating systems, and up to two Arm Ethos™-U55 microNPUs for AI/ML acceleration.

Alif Semiconductor opened offices in Finland in 2022 as Alif's first design center located in Europe. The team is rapidly expanding in the areas of IC Design and Embedded Software Engineering.

Field of operation

Electronics and software

Offices in Finland

Oulu, Finland


Alif Semiconductor is looking for candidates with knowledge and experience of IC Design and embedded software development.


Open positions are advertised on Alif Semiconductor careers pages, LinkedIn and Indeed

Degree programme

  • Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Information Processing Science
  • Year of study

    • 3
    • Type of employment

      • Trainee
      • Summer job
      • Thesis work
      • Permanent full-time
      • Way of working

        • Hybrid model