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Idesco Oy
Teknologiantie 9
90590 Oulu
Tel: +358 20 743 4175

Idesco products are based on RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification). RFID reader reads an RFID transponder from a distance from a couple of centimeters to few metres.
Idesco products collect data and enhance security in various access control, vehicle identification and logistics applications around the world. You might have even used Idesco products when having let the reader at your gym’s door to read your gym card to access, or you have driven through a gate to a parking lot, after a reader at the gate has interrogated the tag on your car’s windshield. In Finland, we are the market leader, and globally, we are one of the RFID technology pioneers who developed this technology to commercial use. We have over 30 years of experience and know-how in RFID technology.

Our office is located in Teknologiakylä, Oulu, where more than 30 colleagues are looking forward to meeting you, our new team member. The majority of Idesco team are working in the product development. We have contract manufacturers, but we also manufacture products here in Oulu. At Idesco, you can follow a product’s way from an idea to a finished product.

In RFID, you can constantly learn something new. Security requirements are increasing, encryption techniques are improving, devices need more and more capacity as the systems improve and get more complex. Our latest products are related to mobile identification, where an RFID reader access rights in a mobile phone. Is this the technology field where your know-how and our long experience in RFID could create new mobile product innovations?

We are looking for new members in our product development team. Learn more and join us!

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  • Electronics and Communications Engineering
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  • Information Processing Science
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