For Pesti 2018 - Career Day                                                                                                                       Suomeksi

Please note: Early booking is strongly recommended as the number of stand places and meeting rooms for interiews is limited. Bookings will be handled in registration order. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Company Profiles must be received by 3 November 2017. We cannot guarantee inclusion in the PESTI magazine otherwise. After 3 November the profile can be included only in the PESTI 2018 database.

Fill in the booking form below and click Submit.

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An empty space, where we want to rent a wall structure around the exhibition stand (see the price list: registration fee 380 € + space rent 100 €/m2 + VAT 24% (smallest space is 3 m2). NB: wall structures are not included in these fees! Wall structures + possible other decorations need to be ordered directly from the service provider.  Preferred site number:
   Table and two chairs (university lecture room basic equipments, free)
An empty space (without any wall structure), where we will bring our own exhibition stand (e.g. walls, carpet, ...). See the price list: registration fee 380 € + space rent 100 €/m2 + VAT 24% (smallest space is 3 m2). Preferred site number:
  Table and two chairs (university lecture room basic equipments, free)
We will only take part with a poster and company profile in Pesti 2018-magazine and database. Registration fee 380 € + VAT 24%.


Additional services:
Wireless WLAN-connection will be in use for free in the fair area.
Compary presentation 15 min. at TellUs Areena Thu 25.1. at:
Interview room Thu 25.1. at:
Advertisement in Pesti-magazine (see the price list): One page: black-and-white
We are interested in organizing a student meeting: In autumn semester
    In spring semester



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Your registration will be received by:
Outi Simi, Coordinator

VAT 24% will be added to all fees. Registration fee and space rent will be charged after the event. Our partner in providing wall constructions and other materials will charge for ordered exhibition stands and other equipments separately. Cancellations on or before 31st October 2017 will incur no cancellation fee. Exhibitors cancelling after 31st October 2017 will be liable for payment of the full registration fee (380 € + VAT).

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