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Codemate Oy

Contact Information

Tiina Seebeck, Recruitment Specialist
Kasarmintie 21
90130 Oulu

+358 40 8241 148

Codemate Oy


Codemate is specialized in developing web-based services, mobile applications and IoT systems custom-made for our clients. We are a service company that creates new digital services. We work at four offices internationally and are growing all the time. Codemate headquarters is in Oulu.

Codemate guys and girls are hardcore software professionals. Our web developers are able to handle complex back-end systems and the latest front-end technologies, all open-source. Creative Technologists design the UX and participate in front-end development when needed. Our mobile developers create apps for iOS and Android, using native and cross-platform tools.

Most of our guys work on projects as a part of a team at our own offices (Oulu, Helsinki and Bangkok). Sometimes we go to strengthen our clients' teams on the client premises as well.

Our work atmosphere is relaxed and fun, yet the tasks are challenging enough to keep us learning all the time. We have personal development plans for all our employees, be it becoming a full-stacker, architect or a project manager.

We are looking for talents who love to code and have a positive attitude. Open Source web techs, iOS and Android are important, but you don't have to know everything from the start.

Codemate welcomes all applicants interested in mobile and web development to visit us on the stand number 32!

Field of Operation

Software development services

Offices in Finland

Oulu, Helsinki

Turnover of the Company

4 milj.


> 80

Open Positions

Full-Stack Web Developer
Front-end Developer
Web Architect

Degree Programme


Year of Study

Pätevät pärjää aina


- Software development
- Web-based software
- Responsive web services
- Mobile applications
- Hybrid apps

Other Relevant Information

We take in students and graduates through a tailored internship.


Send your CV to tiina.seebeck@codemate.com

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