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Stora Enso Oyj

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Stora Enso Oyj


Stora Enso is the global rethinker of the paper, biomaterials, wood products and packaging industry. We always rethink the old and expand to the new to offer our customers innovative solutions based on renewable materials.

The Group has some 27 000 employees in more than 35 countries worldwide, and is a publicly traded company listed in Helsinki and Stockholm. Our customers include publishers, printing houses and paper merchants, as well as the packaging, joinery and construction industries.

Stora Enso’s annual production capacity is 5.6 million tonnes of chemical pulp, 7.1 million tonnes of paper, 3.8 million tonnes of board, 1.3 billion square metres of corrugated packaging and 5.6 million cubic metres of sawn wood products, including 2.8 million cubic metres of value-added products. Our sales in 2014 were EUR 10.2 billion, with an operational EBIT of EUR 810 million.

Stora Enso uses and develops its expertise in renewable materials to meet the needs of its customers and many of today’s global raw material challenges. Our products provide a climate-friendly alternative to many products made from competing non-renewable materials, and have a smaller carbon footprint. Our solutions based on wood therefore have wide-reaching benefits for us as a business, for people and for the planet. Being responsible – doing good for the people and the planet – underpins our thinking and our approach to every aspect of doing business.

The world is full of challenges - and so is Stora Enso. Actually, every employee at Stora Enso has challenges in their job. We need dedicated people with the right attitude who can rethink and turn challenges into opportunities. With united efforts we will create an even stronger and more responsible business.

Stora Enso is transforming to a value-creating, growth markets renewable materials company. We will focus more on growth markets in China and Latin America.

Stora Enso motivates it's personnel into continuous development by offering challenging internal training programmes. Also the Global company provides many global career challenges globally. Mobility is appreciated. Career challenges: http://www.storaenso.com/careers.

Field of Operation

Forest Products Company

Offices in Finland

Turnover of the Company

Sales in 2014 were EUR 10.2 billion


Stora Enso Group 27 000

Open Positions

In Finland:
Summer trainees: 1000/year
Master thesis, other: 100/year
Career challenges: http://www.storaenso.com/careers

Degree Programme

KO, PO, TUTA, YMP, TAL, Chemistry

Year of Study

1, 2, 3, 4, summer trainee


All earlier mentioned degrees.

Other Relevant Information

Cooperation skills and ability to rethink appreciated.



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