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Contact Information

Mika Rautiainen, CEO, mika@valossa.com
+358 400122586

Tommi Karjalainen, Business Developer, tommi@valossa.com, +358 503526181



Valossa is an Oulu-based high technology company that is creating world leading products for AI-based video content recognition, intelligence and search.

AI Trainee (students, part-time):

Interested in AI and machine learning? We are looking for multiple students to work with us during your studies. Our AI tools run on Linux and each person is trained to use these tools. Basic understanding to navigate on Linux command line is necessary. Coding skills are not necessary, but considered as a big plus. Own computer with Linux, Linux dual-boot or possibility to establish virtual connection to our Linux server is needed. Our office is in Oulu University campus and therefore flexible hours with work and lectures are not a problem. Main task is going through materials including pictures, videos and audio to teach AI learning new concepts and improve recognition capabilities of existing concepts. Salary is hour based.

AI Specialist (near graduation or graduated, full-time):

As our AI specialist, you will extend and improve the capabilities of our AI systems for various machine learning, pattern recognition and intelligence tasks. You know how to apply the latest machine learning techniques, supervised learning, clustering, reinforcement learning and others, to solve real-world inference challenges in multi-modal video analysis. You will work in assignments that serve the needs of multinational corporations, enterprises and other organizations that depend on video data intelligence in their operations.
Keywords include deep neural networks, machine learning, computer vision, cognitive systems, big data, GPU-based computing, face analytics, signal processing and natural language processing. Naturally, it is also a plus to be an expert on other state-of-the-art methodology that is not covered by the keywords.

To apply, please send your free-form application and CV to: jobs@valossa.com, meet us at Tellus area during pestipäivät.

Field of Operation

Artificial Intelligence

Offices in Finland


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Open Positions

AI Trainee, AI Specialist.

Degree Programme


Year of Study

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, n


Other Relevant Information

You can find us in Tellus innovation area during pestipäivät.


Send your free-form application and CV to: jobs@valossa.com

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