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Iisalmen kaupunki, By Iisalmi ja YTYÄ!-hanke

Contact Information

City of Iisalmi
Pohjolankatu 14
74100 Iisalmi

By Iisalmi: Laura Koski, laura.koski@iisalmi.fi

YTYÄ!-project (Riistakatu 5, 74100 Iisalmi): Tiina Juutinen, tiina.juutinen@iisalmi.fi

Iisalmen kaupunki, By Iisalmi ja YTYÄ!-hanke


City of Iisalmi

Iisalmi is home to several globally successful companies and the city is a lively and vital centre of the economic area of Upper Savo. Companies based in the town represent different lines of businesses, and the key companies are export-driven. Around the world, Iisalmi and its surrounding area are known for their expertise in metals, especially their state-of-the-art mechanical engineering. In addition, Iisalmi-based companies export audiovisual technology, beverages and special vehicles.

By Iisalmi - place of accomplishments

The author of a painting, sculpture or other work of art is identified by its signature. A work worthy of signing is most probably a subject of pride for the author - an achievement for which the author has seen a lot of effort.

Such products and works worthy of signature are being created by the companies of Iisalmi area on a daily basis. The idea of signing them was the starting point behind the development of the By Iisalmi brand. We want to introduce to the Finns and why not the whole world of this unique know-how and the quality of mind that is found in Iisalmi and the surrounding areas.

YTYÄ! Upper Savo employment -project

Success of companies in the market is increasing the need for skilled workforce in the region and companies need a lot of new employees now and in the future. Job vacancies need to be turned into region's strength, offering new opportunities for those who want to advance on their career.

Project brings together motivated employees and top-level companies, promotes people's skills and employment opportunities, responds to the workforce needs of companies, makes job opportunities visible and increases the attractiveness of different industries. Target groups of the project are all persons and entities who are interested in job opportunities created in the Upper Savo region. This means both job seekers and employers.

Field of Operation

Public administration

Offices in Finland

Iisalmi Town Hall, Pohjolankatu 14, 74100 Iisalmi

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