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Contact Information

Marjo-Riitta Alarova
Wärtsiläntie 4
84100 Ylivieska
puh: 040 840 2581
email: marjo-riitta.alarova@caverion.com



Caverion in brief

Caverion designs, builds, operates and maintains intelligent and energy-efficient solutions for buildings, industries and infrastructures in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe.

Our revenue for 2016 was approximately EUR 2.4 billion. The company is among Europe’s leading providers of technical solutions for buildings and industries. We have two business units: Projects and Services.

Caverion has about 16,500 employees in 12 countries. Our head office is located in Helsinki, Finland. The Caverion share (CAV1V) is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange (Nasdaq Helsinki).


Digitalisation will revolutionise our industry. Our vision is to be the First choice in digitalising environments for our customers, employees and partners in industry. Our unique service offering covers the entire life cycle: design, build and maintenance.

We are a technology forerunner providing excellent customer experience. We will, after getting fit, grow faster than the market.

Market position and clients

Caverion is among Europe’s leading providers of technical solutions for buildings and industries.

Technical maintenance is typically a very local or regional business and it is the most competitive of our businesses, mainly due to very low barriers of entry. To react to competition, Caverion has developed a new service concept for preventive maintenance. ServiFlex+ brings together both remote monitoring and different service levels as a competitive package.

Competition in the large project and technical installation market typically takes place on the national or international level. In Managed Services, the competitor spectrum covers everything from large international companies to small local ones and there are clearly fewer competitors than in the traditional maintenance market.

Field of Operation

Offices in Finland

We have 66 offices in Finland, see more www.caverion.fi

Turnover of the Company


about 16 500 employees in 12 countries

Open Positions

See our open positions: https://www.caverion.com/about-us/careers

Degree Programme

Year of Study


Other Relevant Information


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