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Talented Solutions

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Tuomas Jomppanen
+358 40 350 9156

Maria Kotaniemi
+358 44 260 7545

Talented Solutions


IT-recruiting is broken when you look at it from the developer’s perspective. As an experienced developer you might get up to 10 job offers each week and headhunters are constantly seeking for your attention. Most of the callers don’t know Java from Javascript nor do they tell from whose behalf they are calling. It’s hard to tell which inquiry is really worth following and which are not.

We established Talented to be the “Developers’ Strike Back” and enable them to take control of their career and to change the way recruitment works. Talented is a new management agency for developers and members of software development teams and we switched the model so that we represent developers, not individual companies.

We have gathered Finland’s 100 most interesting companies to the network and will help experienced developers to find the job openings and projects that fit their criteria. What we provide is outsourced job and project hunting, insights on company cultures, salary levels,  recruiting processes and technical evaluations, access to Talented events and courses as well as mentoring, coaching and prepping so that developers, also called as talents, can take their careers to the next level.

We recently celebrated our very first birthday, but despite the young age we've managed to hit a good niche and are now 40 people strong. So far our agents have been helping out almost 800 software developers which have stuck around and are the core of Talented Network, taking developer recruiting back to developers.

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IT-field, Recruitment

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Helsinki Oulu

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