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Barona Group/Saranen Consulting

Contact Information

Barona Group
tel. 020 198 3460

Saranen Consulting
tel. 020 198 3430

Barona Group/Saranen Consulting

www.barona.fi, www.saranen.fi

Barona Group

We are future-oriented trailblazers, experts and problem-solvers. We create the working life of the future by developing the solutions that help people and businesses grow. We are the leading private employment agency in Finland. In addition to Finland, we operate in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Spain, Poland and Russia. We solve the challenge of finding the right employee fit with new and creative methods. For our clients, we offer visionary and boldly future-oriented partnerships. For our employees, we offer exciting opportunities at all stages of their careers.

Saranen Consulting

We help companies to grow and individuals to take the next career step. We offer efficient services for companies in transformation situations and in rapid growth. Our services include transformation services for companies,as well as job seeking services, coaching and recruitment training programs for individuals to boost their career.
We work together with Employment authorities, the best training companies and large global companies as well as small and medium-sized growth companies and associations.

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www.barona.fi, www.saranen.fi

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