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RekryKainuu -hanke | RecruitmentKainuu Project

Contact Information

Kari Kinnunen, Project Manager
RecruitmentKainuu Project |
RekryKainuu -hanke
Seminaarinkatu 2 (Intelli)
87100 Kajaani
+358 (0)44 410 0727

Salla-Maija Hakola,Project Coordinator
RecruitmentKainuu Project |
RekryKainuu -hanke
Seminaarinkatu 2 (Intelli)
87100 Kajaani
+358 (0)44 5514 619

RekryKainuu -hanke | RecruitmentKainuu Project


Looking for Career Opportunities? RecruitmentKainuu Project is Matching Employers and Job-Seekers

Kainuu has many great career opportunities for example engineers in various sectors, doctors, teachers, kindergarten teachers, mining industry professionals, among others. RecruitmentKainuu -project (RekryKainuu) develops new ways to find employees and match them with employers located in the Kainuu region. The project operates closely with public and private sector organizations to figure out their needs concerning proficient workforce now and in the coming years. Come to meet employers from Kainuu and find out more about career opportunities.

A great job, wonderful environment, good services, a large variety of sports and hobbies to choose from. That´s what Kainuu is all about. There is a special word for that “kainutlaatuinen”. The region of Kainuu is about two hours drive away from the city of Oulu. Kainuu borders with Russia, Northern Ostrobotnia, North Karelia and Northern Savonia. Can you hear it? Kainuu is Calling.

RecruitmentKainuu is a two-year joint project coordinated by Kainuu Etu Ltd and The Regional Council of Kainuu. The project is funded by the European Social Fund.

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