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SEP Solutions / Onni Care

Contact Information

Pedro Coutinho: pedro@onnicare.com, Jari Naula: jari@onnicare.com

SEP Solutions / Onni Care


Our award-winning Onni Care service is an innovative combination of a baby monitor that monitors environmental factors including, for example, sound, movement and room temperature, and of a child activity and development tracking tool that enables keeping track of the baby’s feeding, sleeping and diaper changes as well as growth and development.

With international sales being kicked off and further development plans in progress, we’re offering internships and looking for thesis writers. Keywords: software development, sales, marketing, video streaming, machine learning, AI, mobile apps, cloud services

Field of Operation

Manufacturing of communication devices, developing cloud services and mobile/web apps

Offices in Finland

HQ in Oulu

Turnover of the Company


Open Positions

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Other Relevant Information

-excellent English skills are a must - our working language is English


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