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Texas Instruments Finland Oy

Contact Information

Johanna Bergman

Texas Instruments Finland Oy
Elektroniikkatie 11
90590 Oulu

Texas Instruments Finland Oy


We are visionaries. We are differentiators. We are TIers.

As a global semiconductor company operating in 35 countries,Texas Instruments (TI) is first and foremost a reflection of its people. From the TIer who unveiled the first working integrated circuit in 1958 to the more than 30,000 TIers
around the world today who design, manufacture and sell analog and embedded processing chips, we are problemsolvers collaborating to change the world through technology.

Here in Oulu TI develops wide range of power management solutions from high-performance LDOs and charge pumps to high-current multi-phase DCDC converters and complex ASSP solutions for our customer’s needs in personal electronics, communications infrastructure, industrial and automotive applications.

The TI Oulu team includes IC design and layout engineers, systems engineers, as well as test, validation and applications engineers providing diverse and challenging opportunities for our employees in all phases of IC development from definition to releasing the completed part to high volume production in various TI manufacturing locations around the world.

Field of Operation


Offices in Finland

Oulu, Helsinki

Turnover of the Company


30,000 worldwide, 70 Oulu

Open Positions


Degree Programme


Year of Study



Electronics Design

Other Relevant Information


See our open positions http://careers.ti.com

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