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Oulun Jätehuolto Oy

Contact Information

Markku Heinonen
044 703 3971


Oulun Jätehuolto Oy


Oulu Waste Management Ltd. is a municipal enterprise owned by eight counties, but its operations cover totally 13 counties where there are about 300 000 inhabitants. Oulu Waste Management organises municipal waste management as stipulated by law and offers its services for companies, too. In its last year of operation, Oulu Waste Management reached 17.2 million euro turnover. Today the company employs 25 permanent workers.

In Rusko Waste Treatment Centre, industrial waste treatment is available for bulky mixed household waste, construction waste, liquids, biowaste and oily water. The Centre houses collection points for recyclable materials and hazardous waste and offers composting services for contaminated soil.

Oulu Waste Management purchases the processing service for combustible solid municipal waste from Oulun Energia. Since 2012, combustible solid municipal waste has been transported from properties directly to Laanila Eco Power Plant to be utilised for energy in industrial process.

We focus on sustainable continuous development of our company. Our investments in our changing operational environment are future-oriented. Good example of our strategy is the use of biogas, collected since 1998, as an energy source for ourselves but also for industry. Two local laundry companies use our biogas for heating the water. Our cooperation with Paroc Group, an international stone wool insulation producer, cover supply of biogas for Paroc’s industrial process as well as treatment of Paroc’s secondary flow in order to circulate it back to production. Cooperation contract on the treatment of biowaste was drawn up with Gasum Biotehdas Ltd., a private company, and since June 2015 all biowaste collected in our operating area has been treated by anaerobic digestion process. The utilisation of biogas as transport fuel will start in fall 2017.

Field of Operation

Waste Management

Offices in Finland

Head office and Rusko waste treatment centre: Ruskonniityntie 10, 90620 Oulu, Regional drop-off-points in several counties: Hailuoto, Ii, Kempele, Liminka, Muhos, Pudasjärvi, Siikajoki, Simo, Tyrnävä and Utajärvi

Turnover of the Company

17,2 M€



Open Positions

Summer trainee positions in customer service and waste center operations

Degree Programme


Year of Study

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, n


Other Relevant Information


Open application (with CV as attachment), in Finnish or English

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