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Keysight Technologies

Contact Information

Seppo Salonen, seppo.salonen@keysight.com

Keysight Technologies


Device & Infrastructure Testing

Keysight D&I develops in Oulu testing solutions for the wireless industry. Product portfolio includes Propsim radio channel emulators, (Propsim F32, Propsim FS8 and Propsim F8) and Virtual Drive Test Toolset solutions. The products are used in testing of various wireless devices such as chipsets, mobile terminals, base stations and Wi-Fi terminals. Propsim products enable realistic testing of advanced wireless access systems including LTE and LTE-A.

Our laboratory-based test systems enable manufacturers to verify their products against industry standards and network operators to meet their end-customers’ expectations by ensuring that devices perform efficiently in real-life situations. With Propsim radio channel emulators the customers can emulate the characteristics of real-world conditions in the laboratory environment.

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Field of Operation

Leading supplier of test and measurement solutions to the international wireless market

Offices in Finland

Oulu: Tutkijantie 6 Espoo: Hevosenkenkä 3

Turnover of the Company

2.9 mrd. USD


Oulu 55, Globally 10 250

Open Positions

1 RF Thesis student
1 Radio Channel Researcher, 5G

Degree Programme

Student / M.Sc.

Year of Study

3-4, 4+


Other Relevant Information


Radio Channel emulator Propsim product family

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