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Kaltio Technologies Oy

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Timo Konu

Kaltio Technologies Oy


Kaltiot was established in 2014 to commercialise our unique messaging solution for IoT devices - Kaltiot Smart IoT. This solution provides bi-directional, always online, secure and device battery optimizing communication that works even in constrained or low-end devices and sensor, and in lossy wireless networks. Our world-class IoT solution shortens time-to-IoT-enablement significantly by providing easy to deploy Kaltiot Smart Gateway SDK, easy to use device management, fully functioning backend and interface to our client’s Business Intelligence solutions with bi-directional secured data transfers.

Now we have used this advanced technological platform to create Kaltot Smart Tracker - a universal tracking solution which is utilizing existing infrastructure, works both indoors and outdoors, and can be used to securely share data between organizations. The solution enables tracking assets or people by using smartphones, Bluetooth beacons and Smart Tracker mobile application. The solution is powered by Kaltiot Smart IoT Platform and our cloud service.

Kaltio Technologies is an innovative and challenging startup company, develops world-class messaging solutions to mobile and Internet of Things markets. We have a great team of experienced developers, fantastic atmosphere and a very nice office at downtown Oulu.

We can offer you an opportunity to learn cutting-edge technologies used to create large distributed systems, scaling to hundreds of millions of users.

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Offices in Finland

Oulu, Espoo

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Open Positions

Android/IOS developers, React Native Framework
Backend developers (Java, JavaScript, Erlang)

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