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The Qt Company

Contact Information


The Qt Company
Elektroniikkatie 13
90590 Oulu

The Qt Company


Programming should be fast, easy and fun. That’s why we have been focusing on improving software development for the last 25 years, and with the amount of applications and devices growing every day, efficiency has become more important than ever. Today Qt is powering millions of devices and applications around the world.

The Qt Company operates in China, Finland, Germany, Japan, Korea, Norway, Russia and USA. To learn more please visit qt.io.

Opportunities at The Qt Company

Our goal is to provide developers around the world with the best cross-platform application and UI development framework. We deliver on this promise through our people - the most vibrant, most clever and absolutely the most passionate #QtPeople out there. Working at The Qt Company gives you the opportunity to work with the most talented and creative people in the business. We are engineers, designers, marketers, business operations people and industry specialists working together to provide developers with the most powerfull cross-platform development framework in the world. We create unrivaled, industry-leading user experiences for ground-breaking devices and innovative applications.

The Qt Company offers employees a place for talented software engineers and creative developers to be themselves. Work across multiple industries with dynamic tools, expert teams and awesome colleagues, from Oulu to Oslo from Berlin to Silicon Valley. We bring passion, fun and fairness to the workplace. If you are ready to give 100% effort, if you believe in our vision to be the #1 cross-platform development framework, join us today!

The future is written with Qt - and we would like you to be part of it!

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Facebook: @Qt, www.facebook.com/qt
Twitter: @qtproject, www.twitter.com/qtproject
Instagram: theqtcompany, www.instagram.com/theqtcompany
YouTube: QtStudios, www.youtube.com/qtstudios

Field of Operation

Software and services

Offices in Finland

Espoo, Jyvaskylä, Tampere and Oulu

Turnover of the Company

32,4 MEUR


~300 worldwide (~60 in Oulu)

Open Positions

Qt trainees and Qt junior engineers. You can be just starting out your career, preferably done some C++ coding as a hobby. You can adjust part-time work while studying, write your master's thesis and finally get a permanent work place with Qt.

Degree Programme


Year of Study

3, 4, 5, n


Other Relevant Information


You can leave an open application at: www.qt.io/careers

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