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Elektrobit Automotive Finland Oy

Contact Information

Team Managers

Jukka Schroderus, Heikki Pietilä and Jukka Lahti

Elektrobit Automotive Finland Oy


Elektrobit Automotive is a leading global provider of software solutions to many car makers like Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Porsche and Volkswagen, only to name a few. EB Automotive is at the forefront of the latest development in automotive software, including user interfaces, voice recognition, driver assistance, navigation software, advanced smartphone connectivity features, car infrastructure and software platform. EB is a wholly owned, independent subsidiary of Continental AG.

EB Automotive Finland is established 3,5 years ago, and today we have over 100 highly skilled software professionals with over 10 years of experience on average, working in our Oulu Technology site. On upcoming summer we will offer summer job for several students/graduates that especially want to get to use their C, C++, JAVA, Python or Qt programming skills in action. By starting your career at EB Automotive Finland you will get a great opportunity to strengthen your skills set and competences by working together with our experienced professionals in interesting projects.

Our dream student candidate is having passion for software development and learning, positive “yes, we can” attitude, courage to communicate also in English and a good sense of humor. If that sounds a lot like you, and if you also appreciate agile, relaxed but highly professional working environment, enjoy interacting with skilled colleagues that are also a lot of fun, and most importantly – if you want to be part of developing highly sophisticated software for the cars of tomorrow – then come to meet us on booth number 24 to find out more and see if we click!

You can submit your application and CV rather sooner than later in jobs.elektrobit.com. Find out more about us from www.elektrobit.com.

Field of Operation

Automotive Software Development

Offices in Finland

Elektroniikkatie 13, Oulu

Turnover of the Company


over 100

Open Positions

Young Software Talents
Senior Software Engineers

Degree Programme


Year of Study

4, 5, n


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