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Vaimo Finland Oy

Contact Information

Marko Rytkönen
Isokatu 32B, 2nd floor
90100 Oulu, Finland

Vaimo Finland Oy


VAIMO was founded in 2008 in Sweden on values like quality, speed, and excellence, through which we have become one of the world’s most appreciated experts in eCommerce on the Magento platform. Vaimo Finland opened its doors in 2013, and the Finnish team have since then built solutions for renowned brands such as Paulig, Bauhaus, SLO, Kalevala Koru, Luhta Fashion Group and Vallila.

Today, VAIMO develops systems for clients all over the world. With offices in Finland, Sweden, UK, Norway, Denmark, UAE, South Africa, Estonia, Latvia, Japan, Belgium and Ukraine, we offer a global presence that makes us experienced and strong, and gives us the opportunity to work even closer with our clients.

VAIMO is amongst MAGENTO's five Global Elite partners. This is a big honour for us and a clear proof of our continuing success in gaining the trust of some of the world's most well-known brands.


Core values are something we care about deeply, and we try to follow and respect them in all we do. Our values are:

- Teamwork: When one of us wins, we all win and we celebrate together and share our learnings. When we face challenges, we collaborate and support each other to overcome obstacles together. We develop one another by offering constructive feedback.

- Fun: Our attitude is social, positive, and playful, and we appreciate challenges and love winning.

- Excellence: We strive to be leaders and to always remain in a constant state of improving ourselves. We aim to be innovative, efficient, and competitive.

- Open: We endeavour to be open-minded, honest, and transparent with each other and with our clients. Knowledge-sharing is a key success factor for us, and we play fair, within our company and with our competitors.

We do serious work, but we are anything but serious people! We celebrate success together and learn from each other.

Frontend developer
Backend developer
Tester / QA
Development trainee

Field of Operation

IT / Ecommerce

Offices in Finland

Oulu, Helsinki

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Open Positions

Frontend developer
Backend developer
Tester / QA
Development trainee

Degree Programme


Year of Study

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, n



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Through website or email rekry@vaimo.com

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