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Contact Information

Esju Oy
Konekuja 8
90620 OULU
puh. +358 400 681 500
fax +358 8 882 1570
email: Finland_Careers@esju.com



Esju is a privately owned high-tech company founded in 1991. Our offices are located in Oulu. Our enterprise covers electronics product development, consultancy, research, training, and EMC laboratory services.

Company overview

Esju's edge is in our competitiveness, rapid growth and in our ability to deliver complete design projects. We combine RF, EMC, electromechanics, and embedded systems knowhow into a unique package. Moreover, we have collaborated on an increasing number of patents and we regularly publish in telecommunication industry publications. Among our clients, we boast several international telecommunication companies both in Finland and abroad. We also count defence industries in our important customer segments. In recognition of our work, Esju was awarded the ISO 9001 quality certificate in 2003.

Esju’s top expertise guarantees our ability to compete in global markets. We have our own EMC laboratory that complies with current standards and an electronics laboratory containing high-quality RF measuring equipment. We also have powerful RF and EMC design and simulation tools.

Our company’s operation is dedicated and sustainable. Our financial status is good, we have a competent staff, and our processes are sound. Dun & Bradstreet has given Esju Oy the highest credit rating (Highest Credit Worthiness Classification). All of our commissions comply with our ISO-9001-certified quality system.

Field of Operation

Electrical Engineering

Offices in Finland


Turnover of the Company

about 5,9 M€ (2015)


about 60

Open Positions

R&D testing engineers (RF/HW, BB/HW)

Degree Programme


Year of Study



Electronics Design, Telecommunication Engineering

Other Relevant Information

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